The benefits of being part of the WordPress Oxford Meetup

Helping support a thriving WordPress community in Oxford to help one another to create cool and exciting websites for personal or work related projects.

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    What is WordPress Oxford?

    WordPress Oxford or WPOx for short is a monthly meet up with a very relaxed informal structure. We meet each month at the Centre of Innovation in the centre of Oxford at 7 – 8.30. There is a real mix of skill sets from Web agency developers like myself, small businesses and those pursuing their hobbies and interest through the use of a website/blog.

    What do we do at WordPress Oxford?

    During Novembers meet up we ran a small ‘Hack night’. The goal of the evening was to create a very basic structure of website that we could further develop as a meet up group website. This will allow us to promote more some of the interesting things we have done or discovered.

    As well as the ‘hack night’ we also open up the time for people to present any projects they recently have worked on and completed. This is a great time to show off your skills and to gain valuable feedback from your peers. It also is great for providing inspiration on any passion projects or work projects you may be working on.

    With the mix of skillsets we also open up discussions and help troubleshoot potential issues you may be having. So it really is a great opportunity to get some help with any issues you may be facing as others may be facing similar. Problem shared is definitely a problem halved.

    Why I attend

    The reason I attend WPOx is it is a great way to network with likeminded industry users of WordPress in a engaging environment. These people are invaluable for an support questions you may have. There is always someone who can recommend something or point you in the right direction.

    Come join WordPress Oxford

    Interested in WordPress or looking to boost your knowledge, definitely come along to the next meetup. All details can be found on the meetup page.