How to Survive losing a loved one - Website

Bespoke Blog theme for a new Publication

  • Client: “How to Survive losing a loved one”
  • Service: Website Build, WordPress Support

Industry: Literature

Completed: January 2021

I first met with Karen Jackson Taylor when she attended a WordPress Blogging course which I was assisting in running as  Technical support. This course was run by an attendee of my WordPress Oxford MeetUp group.

Services provided

Web Design
Web Development
Website Support

Where did it begin?

Karen was about to embark on writing a new book after previously writing other titles previously.  This book was to be a guide for “How to survive losing a loved one”. Dealing with navigating life after loss of a loved one, written sensitively with practical advice. She wanted a companion blog that would compliment the book and allow her to post regular timely articles.


Blog Theme Design

When conducting market research I looked at other authors blogs along with other blogs in the genre that cover grief and loss. This gave me some insights into the format that many use when developing a theme. As well as the common elements you find on the blog I wanted to ensure the blog was well categorised with key topics clearly signposted. Neutral colour palettes were very commonly used. Based on the final proof cover for the book the turquoise colour scheme worked well with the overall aesthetic of the website.

Unique challenges

Using less cliché imagery

During the research it became apparent that candles (tea-lights) and lilies were quite commonly used for reflection and memorialising a lost loved one. As some of the blog topics are very specific it made it more difficult to steer away from cliche images and instead we used natural world nature images. These images included landscapes, woodlands, rivers and this was important to the author in eliminating visuals of people.


Developing a blog theme Vs. Static website

Unlike a brochure website that has a home page, a blog site is constantly changing as new posts are added.  Incorporating a preface in the sidebar that appears on all of the pages allowing them to get to know the authors and the purpose of the blog and its content.

Working relationship

Supporting Karen in developing and growing the blog

On a monthly basis, I work with Karen to format the latest posts she has written and add the images to help keep the site fresh and updated. More recently, the book is gaining more reviews in multiple book outlets  and it was important to reflect these reviews and add them to the website. Ultimately this will become a driver for anyone viewing the website and contemplating the book through cross selling.

What did we achieve?

Final Result

The blog has been well received with an increasing audience. It was great to have my website mentioned within the book. It is a topic which is not always easy to talk about but having navigated this path Karen and her Co-Author have written a book and launched a blog which will help and support other people in a similar situation.



Professional in his approach and very patient

Lee’s design skills are really exceptional and I am very pleased with the blog we have devised. He is also very professional in his approach and very patient with a very low base tech user.

Karen Jackson Taylor
Co-Author of "How to survive losing a loved one"