WordPress Development

WordPress Development

WordPress is my Content Management System of choice. It is used by 35% of the Web and has a wealth of themes, plugins and support forums which makes it a perfect solution for a new website.

Template Creations - A selection of landing page designs

Template Creation

Post launch it sometimes becomes necessary to produce a new template for your theme for the following reasons:

  • Promoting a new service
  • Promoting a new product
  • Social Media Campaign Landing page
  • Paid Advertising Campaign Landing page. Eg. Google Adwords.

In partnership with you we can develop a new template that will help to convert potential consumers to your new offering.

Bespoke functionality

Bespoke Functionality

The advantages of WordPress compared to many of the other Content Management Systems available is the flexibility to extend the sites functionality. 

I have experience in creating bespoke features for many different websites which have included: A Branch Locator and a Filtering course search.



When building websites I avoid using premium or free themes as they often cause Website performance issues and instead I prefer creating themes from scratch.

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